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solid wood furniture

Specialized in art, massive, elegant furniture, respecting the classical architectural styles

At Simex Furniture, we’re not just crafting furniture, we’re shaping the essence of your living spaces. Step into a realm of artistry and innovation, where every piece is a masterpiece and every room becomes a canvas of sophistication.

From the birth of design evolution to the cutting-edge innovations of today, Simex Furniture embodies the fusion of creativity and craftsmanship. Our pieces aren’t just functional, they’re the embodiment of emotions, experiences, and aspirations, meticulously brought to life.
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SIMEX is a real temptation

Experience, Comfort & Elegance

Design projects

Our designer's creativeness and high qualifications, has helped us to create original models in order to satisfy a wide range of tastes.


Passion and craftsmanship in making the perfect furniture! We turn dreams into exceptional furniture.

Premium materials

We use a select range of superior materials, from fine textiles to precious woods and elegant metals.

Our featured collections

Rediscovering Timeless Allure

The echoes of history resonate through every curve and contour of Simex Furniture creations. We’re not just crafting furniture, we’re retelling stories of eras gone by. Each piece bridges the gap between time and style, breathing new life into classic elegance.
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